“I have had the privilege of attending multiple workshops led by Heidi Bennett.

While her thoughtful, excellently prepared/structured and very valuable content was always a great help in clarifying and advancing towards my personal and business goals, I would like to highlight Heidi’s truly personal approach to all participants.

Heidi is able to help tease out each workshop participant’s personal story on a deeper level, so that she can best support them in their creative and professional journey.

Heidi creates a safe space that allows everyone to really deep-dive and tease out what sticky points may be barriers to reaching their goals and full potential. She shares her gifts in teaching self compassion / compassion techniques in a warm and empathic fashion.

Heidi has helped me rethink my business structure as a Creative Professional by providing new perspectives, and was instrumental in enabling me to put my thoughts into organized action.

Heidi’s knowledge, professionalism and innate ability to connect with people and their very different personalities and individual creative business situations make her an invaluable ally in facilitating fellow artist’s professional and personal success stories.

I highly recommend Heidi’s coaching services!”

– Claudia Delgado – Creative Director / Senior Art Director ByteHaus

 “Heidi, I want to thank you so much for your kindness, understanding, good ideas and professionalism. You came along just at the right time – as if by magic – and guided me through a really powerful shift.”  

Read Christine’s full story here

– Christine Shields –  Artist / Musician

“Heidi has helped me change my perspective in so many ways. She has the ability to take my scrambled thoughts and turn them into clear doable goals.
She is compassionate, kind, funny and has the most soothing voice ever.

Heidi very carefully and thoughtfully pulls away all the layers to get to the core and asks important questions that make me dig down deep. 

I am so grateful to have her in my life.

If you ever find yourself stuck in business, in life or in both you need to work with Heidi. No joke. She does her job very well.” 

– Michele Gingchrist Hembree –  Art Gallery Proprietor / Art Consultant 

“I was quite lost when I heard of Heidi’s service coaching Professional Creatives.

When I started working with her I was disenchanted with my job and disconnected from my own creativity.

I felt comfortable speaking with Heidi and felt she had worked with so many creatives caught wandering through a confusing web of career options that she must be able to help me.

Heidi has a warm, approachable way of discussing sensitive issues and providing new perspectives, exercises and challenges to really hold up that mirror. I don’t think I would be anywhere near where I am as far as considering launching my own business outside of design services if I hadn’t made the choice to work with Heidi. Because of our partnership, my creativity was reignited, my confidence grew and I’m currently taking the steps to build my own business.

She’s a joy to work with and I am really glad I got to know her as a coach!”

 – Kristen Lopez – Designer & Illustrator

“Heidi is a thoughtful listener. Her recommendations for problem solving were concrete and fit very well with my out of the box approach to business. I would absolutely recommend her to other artists and creative minded professionals seeking someone who understands our quirks.”

 – Renee Bareno – Fine Artist / Visual Arts Educator

“I’ve been involved in a variety of projects with Heidi over the years, such as music and podcasting. She has always brought organization, enthusiasm, insight and experience to all these projects. Above all, Heidi is excellent at working with people, communicating ideas, sharing experiences and making them relevant to what’s going on, and to the great goal of the project. She is an outstanding communicator and motivator. She is a tremendous asset to any endeavor.”

  – Brett Stillo – Videographer / Podcaster / Music Teacher

“Heidi helped me gain confidence around launching my business and developing my marketing in a creative way that truly honored who I am. 
She helped me see my own natural strengths so that I could create what I wanted and have fun doing it! I felt very comfortable sharing my fears and opening up to her so that I could really get support to grow in business, learn that my vision is valuable, and that I have gifts to share with the world!”

 – Susan Mosier-Delgado LMFT / Professional Coach

“Heidi has helped me reach my goals and go beyond my expectations. She’s allowed me to appreciate what I was doing well and reevaluate my ambitions to focus in on my true desires. Her support has been invaluable and I came away from our sessions a much more efficient, positive, open person!”

 – Fabianne Slama-Bismuth – Sculpture Artist /Author 

“Heidi is an insightful guide. She is understanding, funny and has a knack for encouraging a person’s dreams while also creating a logical, follow-able plan of action.  I would absolutely work with her again.”

 -Valerie Fairlight – Designer / Podcaster / Realtor

“Heidi has a very positive attitude and abundant sense of humor. In her capacity as a podcast interviewer and coach, she asks open, probing questions without judgement and is adept at getting people to open up. I enjoy working with Heidi and find her very easy to communicate with, whether via video, audio, or email.”

  – David T Smith – Cinematographer / Audio Engineer / Podcaster

“Heidi helped me pinpoint personal and professional ambitions, as well as navigate obstacles standing in the way of success. I am grateful for her gentle guidance, her stellar listening skills, and her non-judgmental approach.”

 – Aurelia d’Andrea –  Author / Tour Guide / Podcaster / Editor

“I just wanted to thank you for giving me these new creative tools to use as I work through this transition and for reminding me of some old useful ones that I had forgotten about. I so love what you are doing! You are providing a format for people to be really honest with themselves and vulnerable in front of one another and it feels immediately safe and warm. You’re doing that with art. You’re reminding us how to do magick. That’s a precious thing to be sharing. Thank you for a great experience, I look forward to more!”

 – Mark Teemer – Artist

“I always want to know what you’re offering because I get so much value out of everything you do!”

Jone Stebbins -Bassist for Imperial Teens / Salon Owner

If you’re a Creative Professional that’s ready to leverage your skills and gifts, complete your projects, and share your vibrant vision with the world then you’ve come to the right place.

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