I’m so excited to hear what you’re working on and how I can support your Vibrant Vision!

As I’m skilled in a variety of disciplines including Business and Wellness Coaching, Branding, Marketing / PR Strategy, Teaching Mindfulness and Compassion and Podcast Consulting, I’ve listed a few ways we could work together below.

During our complimentary Q&A session we’ll discuss the scope of your project then I’ll share a customized plan tailor made for you.

This could include 1/2 day or weekend strategy sessions in person, on retreat or via web conference, 1 on 1 coaching / consulting or workshops for your creative team / band / collective / collaborators.

Design Your Vibrant Vision

Whether you’re creating a podcast, bringing a new product to market, opening a studio, shop or restaurant, making a film or comedy special you’ll want to start by knowing why you’re doing it, who you’re creating it for and how you want to go about producing it.

This is the vital but often missing piece of the conversation that slips through the cracks when creating your business plan.

Go beyond the dry, statistical data, discover the true motivating factors behind why you’re driven to bring this project, band, gallery, concept or innovation to market.

When you take the time now to explore your WHY you become a beacon to your ideal audience, clients and collaborators. You can market with clarity, and most importantly make decisions based on your values so that from launch to ascension you stay excited and invested in the success of your project.

Use the Vibrant Vision you’ve designed as a north star guiding you to decisions that are based on your values, skills, loves, goals, your point of view and creative process. You’ll create a stronger concept, project, product and better understand what’s different about how YOU do things so that you can leverage your specific skills and know what to outsource so that you spend more time doing what you love while handing off other tasks to capable experts. You’ll be able to track your progress easily and celebrate your achievements when you have taken the time to Design Your Vibrant Vision.

Podcast Creative Consultant

It’s an exciting time to get into podcasting! You have an exceptionally powerful and unique opportunity to share your ideas, build a community and find an audience that’s specifically interested in what YOU have to offer. Studies have shown that podcasting feels more intimate than watching videos, and it’s such a flexible medium to experiment with.

There are a lot of questions you’ll want to answer and systems you’ll need to have in place before you hit PUBLISH on your first podcast episode.

I successfully produced / co-hosted, booked and marketed Spinal Tap Minute (5 episodes a week, 88 total) as well as Cabin Minute Cast (3 episodes a week, 91 total!)

I currently produce, book, host, edit and market the Vibrant Visionaries podcast.

I’ve listened to thousands of podcast episodes (including industry specific news and business shows), enjoy connecting in podcast communities, go to cons and speak on panels. In other words, I’m not just a FAN, I’m a boots-on-the-ground, headphones-on-my-ears real deal podcaster with years of experience!

I can help you decide what podcasting track is the right fit for you (hobbyist, indie professional, network) and understand the true commitment it takes to release a consistent, quality podcast. You’ll Design a Vibrant Vision of your podcast and I’ll help answer the questions that come along the way including how to:

  • Create a strong, stand-out concept
  • Choose a distinctive show name
  • Confidently pitch your project
  • Choose a co-host, book dynamic guests, or right talent
  • Find / hire your creative team (editor, producer etc.)
  • Set up a social media marketing strategy that works for you
  • Avoid burnout aka pod-fading
  • Get the best sound
  • Adapt as your podcast grows

Let’s Get Started

Schedule a complimentary question & answer session with me via email: Coach@HeidiBennett.com