I have been fostering playfulness, creativity, camaraderie and innovation throughout my unconventional career in entertainment, hospitality and personal development.

Who Am I?

I’m a Professional Certified Coach, Creative Consultant and Podcast Producer.

Here’s a Snapshot of My Experience and Education:

  • Compassion Cultivation Training Certification – Stanford University
  • Accredited, Professional Certified Coach – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching
  • 8 + years Performance Coaching Creative Professionals
  • 5+ years Podcast Production, booking, editing, hosting, marketing
  • 20 + years in hospitality, entertainment, team management, public relations, public speaking/singing, branding & creative consulting

More About Me:

I currently live in Oakland, California with my husband Brian and our Tibetan Spaniel, Poki. I love podcasting, traveling to comedy, film and music festivals, dancing, singing and cooking.

I believe that cultivating a compassion practice and honoring your individual and unique creative process are the keys to gaining clarity and momentum in sharing your creative vision. 

My core values are:

  • Compassion
  • Camaraderie
  • Creativity
  • Clear Communication
  • Playfulness
  • Safety

My clients experience less burnout, boldly embrace their brilliance, leverage their skills and talents, collaborate, innovate, create and communicate with clarity and confidence.

Drop me an email at: coach@HeidiBennett.com We can schedule a complimentary conversation and I’ll answer any questions you have about working together.