I’m a podcast producer, creative consultant, professional coach and speaker.

Just like my clients, podcast guests and collaborators, I’m a compassionate, multi-creative. People I refer to as: Vibrant Visionaries.

What is a Vibrant Visionary?

They are creators (e.g., John Waters, Amy Sedaris, Ru Paul Charles) who are skilled in a variety of disciplines and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working for themselves, combining their many talents to bring the world innovative, groundbreaking, culturally impactful art and entertainment. 

If this describes you then you are a Vibrant Visionary.

You are curious, overflowing with a million ideas, a life long learner, tinkerer and experimenter. You’re compassionate, empathetic, emotionally intelligent and maybe even a little sensitive.  You’re a rebellious, outsider artist, a rabid fan and supporter of fellow creatives. You value spending time connecting to nature and your friends in real life.

That said, you’re an early adopter to new technologies and enjoy learning about and experiencing the latest in art, film, music etc.

You’re willing to be vulnerable, share your story and delve into inner work in order to unlock more of your super powers and blaze a non-linear path to success.  You are my kind of weirdo.

Who am I?

I’m a gen X-er who’s worked in the indie-business space as a coffeehouse manager, singer, singing instructor, band leader, public relations & marketing director, tattoo shop assistant, gallery curator, zine creator, entertainment booker, assistant to a civil rights attorney, baker, barista, professional coach, compassion teacher, workshop and retreat leader, speaker, creative consultant and podcast producer.

I currently live in Oakland, California with my husband Brian and our Tibetan Spaniel, Poki.

I became a Professional Business and Wellness Coach through the ICF-accredited Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and completed the Compassion Cultivation Training Program at Stanford University.

I believe that cultivating a compassion practice and honoring your individual and unique creative process are the keys to gaining confidence in yourself and clarity in your creative vision. 

My core values are Compassion, Camaraderie, Creativity, Clear Communication, Playfulness and Safety. 

I am committed to honoring your creative process and holding a place that is safe and friendly for you to show up and explore your inner self.

My clients experience less burnout, boldly embrace their brilliance, leverage their skills and talents, collaborate, innovate, create and communicate with clarity and confidence.

If you’re curious about partnering with me then by all means let’s schedule a chat!

Schedule a complimentary question & answer session via email: coach@HeidiBennett.com We’ll discuss your needs then I’ll share a customized plan tailor made for you. Let’s do this!