“I was going through one of the most stressful times of my life when I began coaching. I had just been through a painful separation, moving to another city, and leaving my job. I had not been engaged in my own art practice for a long time. I felt really lost, and really stuck – at the same time. I needed a breakthrough in my life and in my art, and needed help in getting some perspective on that.

I was not doing what I am good at and love for a living. I used to make a good part of my income from my work, and this seemed so far away now. I was even more frustrated and sad about not being able to feel free enough to do the thing that used to bring me joy. It was very painful.

I wanted more joy, freedom and bounty in my life and less stuck-ness, sorrow and desperation.

 I already knew I trusted Heidi, and the fact that she is a creative person herself made it a good fit in my mind. As an artist and musician I would probably not go to someone who is strictly a “life coach”. I feel that creative types have an understanding of each other. Work in the creative realms is usually quite different than other types of work/career.

In my case the coaching I did happened to dovetail perfectly with a residency and art show I was doing. Because of the coaching I was able to try some of Heidi’s suggestions, and the ones I came up with through talking with her, while in residency. It really helped me feel relaxed and not pressure myself to perform. Because of this I had a breakthrough. I started painting again and made some things I really liked. I even sold several pieces which was such a wonderful surprise! 

It was very empowering for me!

Coaching helped me actualize and manifest the idea (that had been more abstract before), of relaxing enough to create something from a free and joyful place rather than from a stressed and fearful one. 

The thing is, that people really respond to this, because we are all hungry for it. If we are doing work that is easy and fun to some extent – then we may well be doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. I was so used to everything being hard, that I could not even get into the place of feeling happy and relaxed. I “knew” this before, but I could not quite get out of old brain patterns enough to just sit and do it. I was able, with the help of Heidi, to subtly shift out of that and create a new way for myself. It was very powerful.

After a coaching session with Heidi I felt relaxed, positive, kind toward myself, gratitude, inspired.

It is a very powerful tool to have someone gifted with this training and perspective to help you find and use what you ALREADY HAVE to begin to shift your ways and your life into what you really desire.

Since coaching with Heidi, I feel that that I can make any changes I need to, and I can ask for help and it will be there.

 – Christine Shields – Artist /  Musician 

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