I’m dedicated to helping you leverage your skills and gifts to bring the world innovative, groundbreaking, culturally impactful art and entertainment. 

Below you’ll find a list of my services including:

  • Professional Coaching
  • Creative Consulting
  • Podcast Production
  • Speaking and More

Drop me an email at: coach@HeidiBennett.com We’ll scedule a complimentary conversation and I’ll answer any questions you have about working together.

Coaching Services

Whether you’re looking for a Professional Coach to help you bring out the best in your Creative Team or are seeking 1:1 Executive Coaching from someone who understands the unique obstacles that immensely creative people are challenged with. I’m happy to help.

Performance Coaching for Creative Teams

Bring harmony and boost productivity in your creative team by working with a professional coach who understands, respects and “speaks-the-language” of your quirky, talented band of misfits, outliers and wonderful weirdos. I can help your team:

  • Communicate with clarity, confidence and respect
  • Innovate, ideate, and collaborate with less conflict and more camaraderie
  • Integrate new members smoothly
  • Clarify, prioritize and complete projects on time
  • Unlock creativity and overcome creative blocks
  • Understand and leverage skills, talents and brilliance of each team member
  • Understand and align with corporate values and vision
  • Implement systems of sustainable productivity
  • Avoid burnout and enjoy coming into work

1:1 Executive Coaching

I value instinct, intuition and the non-linear nature of creative process.

Professional coaching is a transformational collaboration focused on clarifying and achieving present and future goals. Within this collaboration we’ll harness our skills and experience to design and implement a step-by-step course of action that combines just the right amount of structure, flexibility and accountability needed for you to honor your creative process and:

  • Make peace with your brilliant, busy brain and turn chaos into organized action
  • Manage your time wisely so you can relax and focus on what’s most important
  • Unlock, understand and leverage your hidden skills, talents and gifts
  • Boost productivity and complete projects on time
  • Integrate mindfulness with your creative practice to reduce burnout and increase innovation
  • Align your values with your vision and share that vision with the world

Curious about working together? Drop me an email at: coach@HeidiBennett.com We’ll schedule a complimentary conversation and I’ll answer any questions you have about partnering up.

Podcast & Performance Services

Podcast Creative Consultant / Producer

I will help you:

  • Create a strong, stand-out concept
  • Choose a memorable show name
  • Identify and leverage your unique voice
  • Captivate your audience
  • Build loyal listenership
  • Confidently pitch your project
  • Book dynamic guests
  • Hire your creative team/talent
  • Launch a sustainable marketing strategy
  • Avoid burnout aka pod-fade
  • Adapt as your podcast grows

Podcast Host / Voice Talent / Panel Moderator

In my Vibrant Visionary podcast, I interview creative professionals (Filmmakers, Comedians, Artists, Writers) and learn about their creative process, latest projects, successes, struggles, and strategies for thriving in their chosen profession.

Through fun, candid conversations you’ll learn how compassionate, immensely creative professionals experiment with mindfulness and create habits to avoid burnout and live rich, deeply creative and happy lives.

Listen to Vibrant Visionaries

Email me at Coach@HeidiBennett.com to:

  • Invite me to do press coverage or speak at your festival or conference (film, music, design, podcast)
  • Invite me to record Vibrant Visionaries live, on stage at your venue/event
  • Discuss collaborating on a podcast or other creative project
  • Hire me as on air talent, panel moderator or speaker
  • Fall 2019 – Panel Speaker for She Podcasts Live Conference in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Summer 2019 – Hosted Vibrant Visionaries live on stage for 3rd annual Movies by Minutes Podcast Festival in Portland, Oregon
  • Fall 2018 – Press coverage for Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas

Let’s Chat.

Drop me an email at: coach@HeidiBennett.com

We can schedule a complimentary conversation and I can answer any questions you have about partnering up.