Appreciation- how it can help. Life is beautiful and frustrating often in the same day. When I get irritated, frustrated, fed up, pissed, angry, it’s time for an appreciation break. But it might take a while to get there.

First I need to let off steam. That usually means talking to a buddy, crying, taking my dog for a walk, or house cleaning. Move, express, breathe, connect with others.

Let the frustration, humiliation and anger begin!

Then, I have cleared enough out to make room for appreciation aka taking in the good aka a gratitude practice aka seeing what’s working.

For example: yesterday I was so frustrated by a technology snafu that I burst into tears and sobbed all over the house. I had worked all morning on a project and smartly asked for assistance from a “pro” when I got stuck using a new tool.

Still, things didn’t work out as planned and I inadvertently invited my entire gmail address book to a test invite that was supposed to go to six friends.

Let the frustration, humiliation and anger begin!

After I got my yah-yahs out with a good cry and reassuring talk with my husband I took a nap, went swimming with a friend then fueled myself with a tasty dinner.

But I’m just not there yet and that’s ok.

Then, and only then, was I ready to really take in the good. Ideally I would like to access my gratitude in the moment of my irritating experience “what lesson am I learning here”, “aren’t I lucky to have a job where I can promote an event I’m so excited about?” But I’m just not there yet and that’s ok.

This morning I’m ready to fill my heart and mind with all I appreciate and that starts with the littlest things.

I let my dog out into the back yard and saw the vintage stone pagoda we got at an estate sale a few months ago, it’s beautifully weathered. I noticed my dog jauntily exploring the yard, so damn cute! I made myself a cup of coffee, yum, yum yummy.

I was ready to take in the good. My body was no longer tense and tight. So the good soaked in with no resistance.

I feel good. I see what is lovely and I’m sure I learned something yesterday but I don’t even need to know what that was. It’s a practice guys, and I’ll just keep practicing, and sharing the process as I go.